Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Watch Behind the Scenes "Making of a CondimentGirl"

Monday, August 01, 2005

From the Anchor at Booth C210 in Caesar Chavez Park

Well, perhaps my favorite quote from the Grand Prix this weekend came from an ex-coworker of mine, who waited through fifteen minutes of calendar signing frenzy to get to come up and give her well-wishes. She jokingly asked if I had "considered doing a calendar with slightly older women, perhaps using the older condiments in the fridge." We received many suggestions for ’07 calendars this weekend; but for now I think we’ll stick with condiments. Anyways, the response from everyone was overwhelmingly supportive. Since this was our first event with the calendar, we
were not sure how receptive people would be to the idea. However, I must have heard several hundred times over the three day event where women would say to their boyfriends or husbands “Look, those are the calendar girls I was telling you about!” as they eagerly approached over to
the booth. Many bought calendars for their companion, and the overwhelming majority of the women gave us their well-wishes. Many others asked how they could be in the ’07 calendar.

By far the greatest compliment paid to us was to hear repeatedly how much people enjoyed spending time with us over the weekend. The CondimentGirls and the CondimentGirls Team were all over the San Jose Grand Prix, mixing with the crowd, signing autographs, shaking hands, taking pictures…all with a smile on their face and the patience to take a moment to interact, chat, and pose for pictures. I am so proud of the CG Team and our positive attitude. It is incredible to think how much this very bizarre concept has impacted each member of the CG Team and others we have been fortunate enough to come in contact with.


A Family-Oriented Affair

If you have seen the CondimentGirls website by now, you have probably figured out that it is edgy, different, and dares to push the boundaries of artistic expression. We were simply amazed by the positive feedback we received at the San Jose Grand Prix. The number of negative incidents we encountered could be counted on one hand. One involved a grandmother convinced that the guys were "pimping" women resulting in half melted lime ice pop being pressed up against the back of Paul's shirt. Another involved a very vocal and emotional wife asking "Why in the world would she put up a picture of Debora in her [or her friends house]?" That last one involved a woman motioning as though she were going to spit on one of the model's shoes.

But, when you consider that there were over a 150,000 people turning out for the event throughout the weekend, and we had a booth, and two mobile groups selling the new calendars, that is an insignificant number of people with welled up negativity that they felt was appropriate to share at that moment in time. There are countless other stories, some of which I will reiterate here and over the course of the next several posts, of how we ended up being the highlight of people's weekend at the race. We even had one exuberant fan wait over two hours at our booth trying to get a few more months of his calendar signed by models who were out in the field at the time.

One defining moment that I was fortunate to overhear happened on Sunday and was an exchange between a mother and her approximately 8 year old daughter. The daughter's reaction to seeing a few of the Calendar photos was that it was "disgusting". Wasting no time at all to react to the offhandeded remark, the mother firmly, but gently held her daughter's shoulders, looked at her straight in the eyes, and reiterated that "It is art, and it is beautiful...and that you will learn to appreciate it in the future".

This was a sentiment shared by much of the female contingent at the San Jose Grand Prix. In many instances spouses would drag their husbands over and say things like "See I told you so, they're really wearing just condiments. Isn't that great?!" There was of course the playful punches that some of the significants would give their male counterparts as they would steer around us, but for the most part, people at the event were genuinely interested in what CondimentGirls were all about.


A weekend at the San Jose Grand Prix with the CondimentGirls

If HIN, San Mateo could be considered the CondimentGirls hors d'oeuvres, the San Jose Grand Prix would most certainly be the main course. Since so many things happened over the weekend, I will be sharing the highlights in a series of posts over the next day or so (including pictures of course!) All of the buzz surrounding the CondimentGirls calendar, attracted more than a few race fans, and the media as well. With a spot on Wild 94.9 on Friday, and another radio spot on Channel 104.9 on Sunday, many Bay Area residents and tourists alike were wondering just what a CondimentGirl was. If you picked up the San Jose Mercury News today and paged through to the sport section, you might have noticed a CondimentGirls blurb there as well.


Friday, July 29, 2005

Come See CondimentGirls at the Grand Prix!

If you live or are visiting the San Francisco Bay Area this weekend, this is your opportunity to meet two models from the CondimentGirls Calendar. Additionally, there will be other models on hand who will be more than happy to take photographs with you. The CondimentGirls booth is at C210 in the Caesar Chavez park (where music in the park is held on Thursdays) directly across from the Fairmont.

Unfortunately, music in the park was not cancelled last night, so vendors could not set up their booths until the event had ended. All of downtown San Jose was hoppin' and I've never seen so many people meandering about. Everyone was having a great time and clearly looking forward to a weekend of racing in San Jose's first ever Grand Prix event.

At about midnight, we were finally able to get the booth set up, but the organizers appeared to be few and far between. Other venders, though frustrated, were very friendly, and helpful. Other than HIN, we have not done any events of this magnitude or family oriented. The weekend will certainly test our belief that the entire brand is "in good taste" and nothing more racy than one might find in a typical magazine on the store shelf. If this morning was any affirmation, many people found the idea playful and fun--especially having our booth located directly across from a hot dog stand.

Look forward to some fun photos being posted to http://www.flickr.com/condimentgirls around the event, and weekend updates. For those of you waiting to here about the Club Deep Release Party, stay tuned!


Thursday, July 28, 2005

Online Calendar Ordering Now Available!

Be the first on your block to own this unique, one-of-a-kind product! Hot off the press, the 2006 CondimentGirls Calendar can now be ordered online. Calendars are in stock and will ship via USPS within one day of ordering. The price is $15 plus $3 for shipping and handling. A calander of this quality could easily sell for $25 in stores and we're sure you'll be pleased with the results of team CG's hard work!


Monday, June 20, 2005

Calendar Announcement

Mainspring Entertainment Inc. Announces General Availability of 2006 CondimentGirls™ Calendar

Breakout product first announced in early April at Hot Import Nights (San Mateo) is now available.

SANTA CLARA, Calif.--June 20, 2005-- Mainspring Entertainment, Inc. today announced the general availability of the 2006 CondimentGirls™ Calendar. Distribution will be made to preorders first followed by early access availability at the Calendar release party at Club Deep in San Jose, Calif., on July 16th.

Fashioned in the likeness of past Sports Illustrated™ photo shoots with models sporting bathing suits consisting solely of latex paint, the CondimentGirls™ calendar builds upon this vision. Through strategic adornment using popular food toppings, CondimentGirls™ achieves a unique and refreshing result that is both creative and breathtaking. The CondimentGirls™ calendar seeks to lessen inhibitions towards how the female form is viewed in it’s more natural state and further thwart the stigma placed on the use of food as an artistic element in photographing the human form.

About Mainspring Entertainment, Inc.

Mainspring Entertainment Inc. is a Nevada-based company with deep roots in the San Francisco Bay Area. Mainspring is the chief motivating force behind the CondimentGirls™ brand. The CondimentGirls™ product portfolio currently consists of the newly released 2006 Calendar, a screensaver, various pay-per-view teaser shots, a soon to be released “Making of the CondimentGirls™” video, and partnered re branding paraphernalia including T-shirts, posters, and portraits signed by CondimentGirls™ models.